TD Ottawa Jazz Festival

June 24-July 3, 2021

Improvising musicians are among the most creative people in the world. They thrive in the unknown. Rise past a challenge. Express themselves best in the moment.

Lock them down? Their art will flourish.

Tenacity is all about flourishing, creating in the moment, and overcoming adversity with art.

So, we can’t enjoy a golden sunset and star-filled evening in Confederation Park, or share the intimacy of the NAC’s Fourth Stage, but we have the music, and we have the creative artists who can transport us to magic spaces of the mind. Combined with pre-recorded and live performances, the end result is a high-quality professional production. Local animators have enhanced some of the pre-recorded performances with stunning visuals.

We invite you to join us, and listeners around the world, for a dozen unforgettable—and unrepeatable—musical presentations, where we’ll delve to the heart of improvisation and creative collaboration. Each performance will be preceded by a live conversation with the principal artists, conducted by journalist James Hale of DownBeat magazine.

Livestream performances on: FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE